Airbourne Eastbourne is an annual air show and aviation event held in Eastbourne, a seaside town in East Sussex, England. It is one of the largest free-entry air shows in the UK and attracts thousands of spectators each year.

Airbourne showcases a spectacular display of aerobatic performances by military aircraft, vintage planes, helicopters, and other flying demonstrations. The event takes place over several days and includes aerial displays, ground exhibitions, entertainment, and family-friendly activities. It offers a thrilling experience for aviation enthusiasts and a fantastic day out for visitors of all ages.

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During the Airbourne Eastbourne event, guests staying at York House Hotel can enjoy the convenience of being within walking distance of the air show's main attractions. The hotel's proximity to the event site allows easy access to the various aerial displays and ground exhibitions that take place during the event.

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FAQs: Airbourne Eastbourne

  1. When is Airbourne Eastbourne held? 

    Airbourne Eastbourne is an annual event that usually takes place in August. Specific dates may vary each year, so it's recommended to check the official Airbourne Eastbourne website or local event listings for the exact dates.

  2. Where does Airbourne Eastbourne take place? 

    Airbourne Eastbourne is held along the Eastbourne seafront, with the main event site located near Eastbourne Pier. The aerial displays can be enjoyed from various vantage points along the seafront promenade.

  3. Are tickets required for Airbourne Eastbourne? 

    No, Airbourne Eastbourne is a free-entry event, and tickets are not required. Visitors can enjoy the airshow and ground displays without any admission fees. Certain premium seating areas or hospitality packages may have separate pricing and require advanced bookings.

  4. What can I expect to see at Airbourne Eastbourne? 

    Airbourne Eastbourne is known for its impressive aerial displays and aviation performances. Visitors can watch displays by a variety of aircraft, including aerobatic teams, military jets, helicopters, and historic planes. In addition to the aerial displays, there are ground exhibitions, entertainment, food stalls, and family-friendly activities.

Please note that as event details may change from year to year, it's advisable to check the official Airbourne Eastbourne website or local event sources for the most up-to-date information regarding schedules, participating aircraft, and any additional guidelines or restrictions