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Kent, also known as 'The Garden of England', and Sussex are home to some of the best food and drink producers that our country has to offer, many of which are less than half an hour's drive from our doorstep. We're firm believers in the term "if you've got it, flaunt it", which is why we are always proud to actively promote any local provenance that has been used on our menus to our diners who visit us from all over the world. We also pay regular visits to our suppliers which helps us to appreciate the effort and passion they have in sourcing us with their amazing produce.

Our head chef and his team take great pride in designing the menus to reflect the seasons that they are in, focusing on Kentish and Sussex fayre where possible to ensure that what's served on the plate will be at its best in terms of quality and flavour.

Ethics and animal welfare also play a big part in our ethos on food sourcing. If we are unable to source chicken from a local farm where we can be sure that these standards are met for example, we adhere to a strict food sourcing policy to ensure that the chicken that we do buy is a least Red Tractor assured so that our diners can be confident that what thet are eating has come form an independantly inspected British farm with much stricter regulations that what you might find on the continent. We feel that any business that is food-led has a responsibility to prioritise good ethics on animal welfare over their food costs.

Please follow the links below to find out exactly where our produce comes from...

Chegworth Valley

The apple juice we serve at breakfast and sell in the bar is from Chegworth Valley who are located at just a 90 minute drive from the hotel. We also occasionally buy other fruit, veg and salads when they are available and in season.

Chegworth Valley is a family owned and run fruit farm established in the beautiful Kent countryside in 1983 on what had previously been a dairy farm forming part of the Leeds Castle Estate. Initially apple and pear trees were planted, followed by raspberries, strawberries and other soft fruit in following years.

They passionately wanted to produce real fruit with the best possible taste & smell and not full of harmful chemicals. Today, plantings make up over 90 acres and in recent years, the farm has undergone rapid expansion to now include a wide range of organic top and soft fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs available seasonally.
Chegworth Valley is also famous for its award-winning single varietal and blended fruit juices. The juices are gently pasteurised to retain the flavour and nutritional properties of the fruit. The Chegworth Valley range includes pure apple and pear juices along with special blends using our own fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrents and rhubarb to name a few. The most recent addition to the range is Chegworth Valley Organic juices, including Bramley, Cox, Discovery, Pear and Apple & Beetroot.

To find our more about Chegworth Valley, take a look at the photos of our latest visit to the farm.

Taywell Ice Creams

Taywell is owned by Alastair Jessel. The company aims to create high quality products, source ingredients locally where possible, behave ethically at all times, constantly innovate and always practice and consider sustainability issues.

The thought behind the creation of Taywell in August 2006 was to utilise surplus fruit from his farm and turn it into something special. Passionate about ice cream, he was determined that his ice creams and sorbets should not contain any artificial additives, colours, stabilisers or bulking agents and the flavours were to be produced to their best taste rather than to a particular price.
Taywell is an unusual company, unlike any other ice cream business. Their aim is not to offer the same twelve flavours as everyone else, nor to boast of a recipe invented by our great Auntie Bess, nor to confound you with 'secret ingredients' and fancy tubs laced with amazing hieroglyphics that tell you nothing.

They aim to thrill the connoisseur, to invent awesome flavours, to boldly go where no ice cream business has gone before. Taywell wants to surprise, to tantalise, to hook you on delectable recipies and make you never eat another non-dairy ice cream again.

The company is in the 'treats' market and they want you to taste and enjoy your favourite flavours and go to heaven and back.Being addicted to their ice cream is no sin, just a pleasure and more importantly, what is left out.

Sitting here in 'The Garden of England', Taywell has access to the finest fruit in the country and for those that have a gluten, egg, soya or dairy intolerance, their sorbets contain the finest ingredients found in any tub in the UK and they are proud to support English fruit farmers by promoting what they have to offer.

J.Heath & Son Family Butcher

J. Heath & Son is Eastbourne's premier, award-winning, local, family butchers, winning Sussex Butcher of the Year 07/08 and 08/09.

Established in the mid 1940's, J. Heath & Son is a third generation, family-run business, situated in the Old Town of Eastbourne.

J. Heath & Son has been built on a foundation of traditional values. They specialise in: 

  • Locally reared, hand-picked beef from David Fenner, Bullock Down Farm, Beachy Head.
  • Local, organic; Hankham lamb from Montague Farm
  • Local outdoor reared pork from Richard Bates, Willow Lodge Farm, near Uckfield
  • Locally sourced game; venison, rabbit or pheasant (when in season).
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Watts Farm

Donald Watts was a man that did things properly. From mucking out pigs to pulling rhubarb and planting strawberries he'd nearly always be seen in a shirt and tie. He made a great success of Watts Farm and, in fact, became colloquially known as the Kent King of Rhubarb.

Donald’s wife, Joan, would sell much of the produce by the side of the road and eventually went on to run a green grocer's shop in Pet’s Wood.

Avril, one of Donald’s and Joan’s daughters, took over the farm when her father died. She started trialling some herbs such as parsley and coriander. This was a new departure as very few farmers were growing herbs and London restaurants were in need of them. It was the start of an exciting speciality…

Joe Cottingham joined the farm in 2000. He continued to expand their range and raised the farm’s productivity by introducing a wide range improvements. His efforts were rewarded in 2008 when he was named Young Grower of the Year, aged just 34.

Today Watts Farm grows over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits, salads and herbs. Their interest in and development of chillies has meant that they are one of the UK’s largest chilli growers!
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